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Site Updates


Added Eternal Sunshine by Ariana Grande to album wall.

Archived The Art of Navel Gazingand started a new journal.


Added women of the internet webring widget to index


Did some serious styling to the sitemap. Unlocked making my own css animations in the process. Could not figure out for the life of me how to simultaneously pause the drifting animation and scale the div up on hover. That's for future, smarter me to figure out.


Archived about page until I make a new one. Created guestbook and added to home nav.


Archived shrines and shrine directory. I may ressurect them one day but for now they're defunct. Created writings directory with bones of shrine directory. Updated homepage nav.


Archived a bunch of pages to improve workflow. Created page for minecraft run! Finally!


Updated index pretty significantly. kept the vibe but it fits better on the screen now and nav is changing. chaning pages to have flex container bodies. The last few weeks I've created a few new pages. Journal has undergone lots of transformation.


Moved chatbox to homepage. Repurposed chatbox into aquarium. I love my aquarium.


Got rid of rounded borders on journal page im SICK.


Updated intro paragraph on homepage. Added note about my favorite book on libray page.


Well i went fucking crazy on the fashion page. she is fleshed out and up and running. more links to cool stuff coming soon. added a link to BDS list on homepage. added effect to music page where albums grow on hover. ADDED FASHION TO NAV that's a big deal omg i never add to nav.


Changed colors and layout on fashion page. Created my first pausable image marquee. Will be updating further. There will soon be a fashion miniblog :)


Updated the fashion page. Erased all my rambling and set up some rudimentary lists. Giving myself more direction so it can be further fleshed out. That's all I've got in me today. We'll see what the future holds.


Whew I have not been keeping up with this page. Mostly been making minor changes, journal entries, updated reading list. Nothing crazyyyyy


Happy Halloween! Created a sitemap, linked to it on homepage. Logged Killers of the Flower Moon in Film Diary. Updated layout and colors on fashion page. Displayed outfit collages.


Haven't been as diligent on this as I have been. It's ok. There havent been any major updates since the last entry, just minor tweaks here and there and a couple journal and film diary entries. i did join the melonland surf club webring and add the widget to my homepage at one point. Don't remember when. Created the primordial soup of my fashion page today. To be fleshed out in the coming weeks. Next serious order of business is a sitemap. It's starting to get hairy in here.


FINALLy added mutuals links and buttons to links page.


Updated some fonts, changed journal layout, added some links, idk what else but probably something


Created music page, added link to it to About page. Rethemed links page. Added hidden tooltips to About. Changed fonts on home, about, movies, film diary, links, and updates.


Revamped Movies page! I think it looks sooo much better now. Also revamped film diary a lot and this page a little bit. Next up will be retheming the links page, adding more links and displaying my mutual's buttons!


MORE revamping to About me. Completely redid film library, only horror movies in there so far but it's pretty comprehensive.


Added moon phase widget to homepage. Revamped About me again, revamped bookshelf.


Completely revamped About page, removed journal from nav menu, see if u can find it now hehe. Created super basic skeleton library page.


Logged Luce (2019) in film diary. Overhauled Shrine Directory it's finally not fugggoooooo now.


Logged The Thing from Another World in Film Diary.


Logged Lair of the White Worm in Film Diary and added it to movie rec generator. Erased some text on about me. gna streamline.


We did it, joe. We created the movie rec generator! Cut down on some bloat on movies page. Updated film diary background. Logged The Alchemist's Cookbook in film diary.


Made some significant layout and background changed to shrine directory. It's still ugly but I'm getting there.


Logged A Dark Song (2016) in film diary


Updated shrine directory layout and graphics, added some graphics to links page, film diary entry for Pure White Bitch, tweaked journal layout. Added links to film diary entries from My Movies.


Updated some formatting on this page as well as homepage. Added link to chatbox to film diary, added current date and time to homepage, rearranged the mini screen a bit. Enlarged the nav bar. looking real nice!


Film diary entry for Cinnamon. Added some blinkies to homepage. Finally updated nav!!! Site is much more mobile friendly. there's still some tweaking to do but its looking soooo much better omg.


Massive film diary entry for Sinister. used javascript to display a count of movies in My Movies, did same for film diary, added buttons to change the order of list items. Super simple but I feel accomplished!


Updated the hell out of my about me page. doesn't look much different but i added a lot more to my Books section. Wondering if i'm making everything too cluttered but trying to just not care if ppl look and say im not reading all that. OK YOU DONT HAVE TO ITS FOR ME. Added favicon to all pages. Updated homepage text, made title change colors!! It's funny how succinctly i can say what i did as though it didn't take me many hours.


Whew. Today was HUGE. I did my very first JavaScript! I spent all day reading about it on w3 schools. I created a toggle button that switches the specimen on the screen. Simple but I think it's so cute and I'm proud of myself. i can't wait to learn more and do even cooler stuff! i simplified the homepage a lot as well, resized a few things, let the badge marquee rest for a while. I like things better this way. Updated About Me page a bit, let another marquee rest and updated some text. Tweaked this page a little.


Added half-assed review of The Pope's Exorcist to film diary.


Added review of Wisegirls to movie spotlight, updated movies page. new journal entry.


Added review of Chemical Peel to movie spotlight, new journal entry


added review of Old Yeller to film diary.


Created My Movies page and made a list of every single horror movie I've ever seen. I did not realize how goddamn long that would take. Added a button to movies page to navigate to My Movies. Updated About me background.


Created Shrine Directory, updated nav bar across all pages.


Did a bunch today again. Updated background images on homepage, made All the Pretty Horses page aesthetically closer to its theme, redecorated journal page, updated backgrounds here on update log. Completely redid homepage, removed gifypet and moved chatbox to its own page, created custom buttons for home page.


I did so much today I don't even know where to begin. Added some custom fonts and added to each page. Updated layouts and background images on multiple pages. Movie page in particular is a lot better now. Added movie spotlight and reviewed Civil Brand. Updated journal, update log, home page. Added to link directory, added link directory and update log to nav.


Tweaked shania shrine a bit, made things a but more pretty and compact, added some images and wrapped text. Reorganized to-do list. Updated nav link color and removed styling for visited links. Seriously I need to add my links to my link directory and then link to the link directory.


Learned about box shadows and maybe went a little crazy with it. it looks good on the homepage! i'm really going to have to adjust my color schemes for each page at some point.But that day is not today. I'm going to go crazy with css graphics! so exciting! Changed homepage layout some, I think it looks a lot better! Made intro statement a scrollbox, floated some divs. Light work.


Cleaned up homepage, rearranged some images, wrapped text hehe. Learning a lot about CSS right now! Cleaned up code on pages, removed redundant css. Things are much cleaner and more uniform now! And probably less likely to break. Created link directory page. next, to add some links!


Had a burst of inspiration today. Updated intro text and set in motion a complete and total overhaul. It's time to get serious. Beautified homepage code. Not that yall can tell. Made main content area transparent. looks soo much better now. Created new home for update log and to-do list (this page!) Updated border radiuses on each page. Rounded corners!! Looks so nice!


Discovered the button tag exists. Turned the Billy Bob Beacon into a rudimentary button. When I have more time I'm going to go button wild.


Updated Horses page, started beacon for billy bob thornton (OMG Billy Bob Beacon that's going on the to-do list.) Updated Shania Shrine. Added musical artists to about page. Logged some recently watched movies on movies page.


broke everything trying to change the size of the content area place navbar inside. was ultimately unsuccessful, had to put everything back the way it was. udpated some images, added hanging stars graphic to top of page, edited intro text. Updated background image. things are changing, i should really start archiving this thing every so often.


Changed to-do list to a scrollbox and resized, created All the Pretty Horses page, did basic formatting, added background. updated css stylesheet, updated to-do list. Link holder coming soon. Movie generator in progress (currently compiling a starter list of movies. figuring out how to categorize them to make a more filterable and customized experience for the randomizer), updated nav bar, added styling for links to all pages. added some images to home page, added images to all the pretty horses. Need to make a shrine directory next.


Lots of changes! Added nav bar, finally. Updated intro paragraphs, tweaked images on about me page, added navbar to all other pages. Offline started compiling list of movies I want to include in my recommendation generator. General cleanup, cross out to-do list items. Stuff i already forgot. Brain is dead but i learned things today.


added some gifs to about me


minor tweaks


Updated intro statement. Tweaked images. updated backgrounds. Created Movie page (complete with sidebar! my newest ability). New journal entry. Next up add more images to movie page and add different sections.


Added alt text to images to improve accessibility, updated shania shrine and abt me pages a bit, added horizontal rules to update log and changed font color of h4 headings. Created journal page. starting to lose steam, lol


Created About Me page and linked to it, added text images and formatting. Also a WIP. Replaced interests section on homepage w this update log. Made it scroll! just learned to do that. tweaked images and text on homepage. Added link to my neocities profile. Added GIFYpet. Next immediate priorities are journal page and link directory.


Created shrine for Shania WIP, added text, images, polls, links, embedded a video. Tweaked homepage. Broke the site for a while on accident by organizing my site files. Got it all fixed, though.


Added css, set container, modified headings, added tamagotchi cursor and neko cat, tweaked text, layout and images


Officially scrapped first layout, created home page skeleton from scratch;headings, changed color scheme, added intro, interests, to do list and gifs

To Do list

  • Re-do links page
  • Re-do about page
  • Re-do writings directory
  • Re-do music page
  • Re-do film library
  • Re-do bookshelf
  • style scrollbars
  • Theme switcher
  • A page or menu that is a sandwich
  • virtual pet dedicated page
  • embedded game
  • minecraft page/li>
  • site button
  • move chatbox to home
  • make bookbug page
  • repurpose chatbox page to aquarium til i can think of a practical use
  • fashion miniblog
  • gallery
  • different color schemes for each page
  • links to neocities moots
  • button wall
  • album wall
  • Medieval page
  • library
  • Movie shelf
  • redecorate film diary
  • movie rec generator/double feature generator(in progress)
  • links in film diary to movies i've spotlighted/reviewed
  • Make navbar part of body
  • Add my own JavaScript/li>
  • make journal more journaly--stickers n decor
  • shrine directory/landing page
  • link directory
  • use custom fonts
  • create navbar
  • create boxes to segment the page
  • about me page
  • chatbox
  • journal page
  • recently watched (films, videos)
  • shrine (here's one I started for Shania Twain)
  • polls + quizzes
  • scrolly update log
  • make everything not aligned on the left
  • incorporate flexbox to place divs
  • All The Pretty Horses page
  • adjust formatting on Movies
  • Move update log to its own page
  • make homepage more graphic n dynamic
  • add font color variation (headings, links)