What I'm Wearing


Occasion wackkyyyy wednesday! at the office obvi
Clothes Thin cream-colored boat-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater, high waist dark olive green cropped barrel-type pants, close-fitting victorian-arsenic-colored suede collared and pocketed blazer with silver rhinestoned buttons
Accessories everyday silver and crystal butterfly necklace, tiger-print bracelet with rhinestones, silver 3d spiky flower stud earrings, brown mini-claw-hair clips, black belt, grey baggu nylon tote bag
Shoes metallic silver mary jane ballet flats with cream-colored crew socks
Feeling Casually whimsical. Obsessed with the color of this jacket. Didn't expect this outfit to be such a success when I put it on in my sleepy haze.
What am I coveting?

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